CBD Capsule Review

Below is a list of the top CBD capsules available today.  We used a variety of metrics including: source of CBD, online reviews, personal experience, price, and quality of CBD. 

Medix CBD Edible Chews
Price 9
Quality of CBD 10
Reviews 9
CBD Source 10
Personal Experience 10
Total Score 9.6

Place it under your tongue and let it melt. Medix CBD Citrus Chews is a high-end dissoluble treat enriched with strawberry and lemon flavor. THC Free, infused with full spectrum CBD extracted only from the finest hemp cultivation’s ensuring a superior quality product defined by selectivity. 30 Chews Total (5mg each.)

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CW Hemp
Price 7
Quality of CBD 7
Reviews 8
CBD Source 9
Personal Experience 7
Total Score 7.6

Again, CW hemp made the Top 5 list of CBD products. Their pricing on their capsules is reasonable, but they are powdered hard capsules, meaning that they won’t be absorbed as effectively. In addition to this, they contain fillers instead of oils. You would think that they would invest in a softgel capsule that allows customers to see the quality of the oil. CW’s capsules, like their oils, are full spectrum, meaning they do contain a small amount of THC. One thing we don’t like is that their lab results weren’t available online. That being said, they are a very trusted company with great products!

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Plus CBD Oil
Price 7
Quality of CBD 6
Reviews 7
CBD Source 2
Personal Experience 6
Total Score 5.6

Plus CBD oil has very nice gel capsules. The oil is a light amber and the gelcaps were very high quality. The reason why we didn’t score them higher was due to confusing labeling. 60mg of Hemp Oil doesn’t mean 60mg of CBD! Plus CBD products are full spectrum, meaning they contain other cannabinoids including THC. The downside to Plus CBD that their oil is imported, meaning that there is no regulation. Also, we couldn’t get any third-party test results. Plus CBD makes a great gel capsule, but the pricing and source of oil didn’t quite cut it for Top CBD Capsule.

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Highland Pharms
Price 3
Quality of CBD 8
Reviews 7
CBD Source 8
Personal Experience 6
Total Score 6.4

Although a smaller company, they produce very quality products. Like CW and Plus CBD, their oils are full spectrum. Their products are expensive, but they recently reduced their price. Their website is a little tacky and tough to navigate. Another downside was the lack of third party test results.

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Green Roads
Price 2
Quality of CBD 5
Reviews 4
CBD Source 5
Personal Experience 4
Total Score 4

Green Roads is a large player in the “head and smoke shop” CBD market. They made our list because they are a large player who has been around since 2012 and also donate to philanthropic causes. Unfortunately, like their other products, their capsules are ridiculously overpriced. At over twice the cost of other capsules, there is no reason for this. Also, the capsules are oil filled hard capsules which, in our experience, tend to leak after time. Another downside was the lack of third party test results. One positive is that their products do not contain THC so you don’t have to worry about failing a drug test.

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